Dennis is an award-winning, published professional photographer who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He loves all genres of photography, but focuses most of his shooting on portraiture, wildlife, and sports photography. Dennis has taken home some ribbons from numerous photography competitions, so you know that you are getting quality!

Dennis is always listening to music and relates music to photography. One of Dennis’s favorite songs is “New Kid in Town” by The Eagles. In this song, Glenn Frey wrote, “You look in her eyes, the music begins to play.” Dennis applies this beautiful part of the song to his love for creating beautiful portraits. Music brings happiness in our lives. Therefore, he believes that capturing the beauty of life through the eyes in a portrait is a heirloom that will bring happiness for many generations to follow.

Photography has been his passion since he was a young child. Dennis have attended numerous workshops, engaged in a considerable amount of one-on-one training, and worked with many other passionate photographers. He has also worked with an internationally renowned photographer who is the author of numerous books on photography. Nonetheless, Dennis have had the opportunity to capture the true beauty of nature and life.

Dennis currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of San Antonio. He is also the organizer of Capture San Antonio Photography, San Antonio’s most active camera club. Dennis is also a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association.

Dennis earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from Texas State University and a Master of Science from Sam Houston State University.



Certified Professional Photographer
PPA Gold Photographer of the Year
PPA Silver Photographer of the Year
Grand Imaging Awards Finalist
PPA Loan Collection
PPA General Collection
PPA IPC 4 for 4
TPPA Texas Top 10 Award
TPPA Distinguished Image Award
TPPA Summerfest 4 for 4 Award
TPPA Bronze Pin Award
TPPA Volunteer Service Award
PPSA Image of the Year Award